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E-SolBiz™ Web Developer Comparison Checklist

Selecting the best solution for website design and development is one of the most complex tasks a business must undertake. There are literally thousands of options from free-lance designers, to large national ad agencies and IT consultancies. Development processes range from a few hours putting together sites of amateur quality to projects by an organization with a proven and refined process for crafting a world-class web presence. Costs range from almost free to millions of dollars - and every web developer is marketing their offering as a complete “results driven” solution.

Questions About
The Business Experience
Development Philosophy The Cost
Application/Technical (Back-End) Development Hosting
E-Commerce Marketing
Maintenance Support
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So how can you determine who should create your next online brand or application?

This checklist will help you cut through the marketing smoke and mirrors that some companies use to over charge and hide deficiencies. It will arm you with the questions that will separate the real result getters from the rest. In the end it will provide a true apples-to-apples comparison so you can make the right choice the first time.


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Company Name
Website (if any)
Telephone or Cell No.
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